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Ram Lee

Tattooist * artist * Veteran
* Conservationist * fire fighter
* Motivator * Disciple for Truth
* Jesus follower

Ready to experience a story of struggles, violence, and ultimate repentance?  A story that supports Jesus’ Love and how He can help you experience hope, forgiveness, and the ultimate peace?

Learning through pain

Ram grew up in an East Toledo, where violence was a way of life. He was raised to always know his surroundings which prepared him for life. His love for country and love for community inspired him to join the military at 17 and later in life a volunteer fire fighter in a small farming community.

Experience with art ministry

In 29 years of tattooing, Ram has traveled from Tampa, Florida to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. From Richmond, VA to Anaheim, California, he has spent countless hours involved with various tattoo conventions. He has used these experiences to perfect his craft, gaining international experience along the way. He also uses this as his opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ.

Personal life

Ram and December Lee have been faithfully together for nearly 30 years. They have a 26 year old son who is a graduate of Kendall College of Art & Design and is now a freelance concept digital painter in the gaming industry. Ram is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt and fish.

fine artist

Ram’s career as a fine artist started when he was 20 years old.  He has worked as an illustrator and painter.  His work can be found at many places which can be viewed below.  


With 29 years of experience, Ram has grown a strong clientele who are loyal to his work.  He affectionately refers to them as his “repeat offenders”

Fire fighter

Ram’s love for community inspired him to sign up as a volunteer with the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department in 2001, where he was a Firefighter and EMT for 7 years


Ram moved his family to Northern Michigan in 2010 so they could enjoy life in the outdoors, which led him to work with different groups in conservation.


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March 3, 2024
10 am

motor city tattoo expo

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Fine Art Locations

Traverse City, MI

221 Garland St Suite F

Traverse City, MI 49684

Traverse City, MI

3311 S Airport Rd W

Traverse City, MI 49684

Traverse City, MI

10850 E Traverse Hwy, Suite 4400

Traverse City, MI 49684

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